"Having Gloria's guide to overcoming hoarding is like being equipped for the rest of my life with the right toolbox for living a sane life. It's more valuable than my last therapist. Every time I feel real down I read the book and it helps put everything in perspective. And then I see a possibility that wasn't evident before. And also it reminds me to be kind and patient with myself (and others)."

"Thank you again for everything, the book has helped me so much!"

"The workbook is focused, organized and fluid in presentation and content. There's so much motivation to keep taking action steps, even if they are baby ones, and to stay encouraged to do so even when I don't feel like it.  Thanks to this book, the path is well laid out and I am inspired to remain on this Journey! What a treasure!"                                                    

"The work book is very well written. Recovery is hard to write about and I think Gloria's done a really good job of it. I am making good use of the book and am very glad that I found it.  I especially like the lists of emotions and what a more balanced emotion might be and what the extreme in the opposite direction is AND the list of what you might really be needing if you are engaged in certain behaviors."

"Gloria pulls the reader gently in a little red wagon filled with insights toward an epiphany:  the need to prepare for a psychological change that is a precursor to making inroads on controlling hoarding. The book is a step-by-step recipe for success in controlling the hoarding reflex, a helpmate toward hoarding control."

"Thanks so much Gloria, I really feel that I'm starting a new chapter in my life."

"Of all the information I gained from the class, I think some of the most valuable were your description of the hoarding process as an addictive spiral that can be reversed, your list of all the types of items that people tend to over-accumulate, and your challenge to try buying no unneeded items for a whole year. The book raised my consciousness in numerous other ways and I wholeheartedly give your approach rave reviews to anyone who suspects they have hoarding and cluttering issues."

"Lots of helpful info.  I love it all, and especially the paragraph about pain, and seem to need to constantly remind myself about it. Thanks to your guidance, I am slowly getting "there," to the other side…"

"You have been quite an inspiration. Your book has had an enormous impact on me personally."