How to Choose Hope and Life Instead of Things


Are you a hoarder? If the indicators below apply to you, you need to read this book.

  • Getting rid of things is difficult or impossible or you experience anxiety if something is thrown out. Some examples of common hoarding-indicator emotions include:
    - strong attachment to objects that most people would say have no value
    - excessive sense of responsibility for the fate of objects
    - other people touching your things triggers anxiety or rage
  • Living conditions are uncomfortable or compromised because of the accumulation. Examples:
    - sleeping on the couch because the bed is piled with belongings
    - having restricted walkways, entry or fire exits because of piles of objects
    - being unable to use the kitchen or bathroom in a normal manner
    - having infestations that cannot be controlled because of the volume of
  • Risking losing or damaging your home, family, finances, health, or life because of your belongings. Examples:
    - being at risk for or threatened with divorce or eviction
    - being unable to have repairs made to essential fixtures like toilets or sinks
    - being in debt from acquiring things you do not use
    - being at risk for fire, falls, or falling objects because of piles of things
  • Acquiring more belongings continues even though your living situation is already difficult or dangerous because of the volume of stuff. Examples:
    - adding more things to existing piles
    - going into debt buying more things when you already have too many
    - bringing in things from the street despite the many risks
  • Buying great volumes of particular items, far more than could be used in a week, month, or even a year. Examples:
    - buying lots of cleaning supplies even though you do little cleaning
    - buying many duplicates of the same item of clothing, even though there
      are already unworn articles of the same type
    - buying duplicates of an item when you have not tried the first one to learn
      whether it meets your needs

This book will help you solve these problems, and many more, so that you can transform your life from being owned by things to a real life of opportunities, relationships, and experiences.

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Overcome Hoarding and Transform Your Life
How to Choose Hope and Life Instead of Things

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