Making Organizing Fun

Let’s face it – most people do not think clearing things out and organizing is their idea of a great time. So, if you are going to have a happier, clutter or hoarding-free life, it will help a lot to make the process be more enjoyable. I’ve talked about this in different places throughout all workshops and newsletters, but a concentrated dose of this thinking may help you feel more motivated because you are having fun. Here are some ways to improve the experience of clearing out and organizing:

* Recruit a friend – get someone to keep you company or even help; having someone to chat with while you are working may make the task seem lighter

* Song and dance - playing lively music and dancing while you sort or organize will improve your mood and productivity. Singing along with your music will exercise your lungs, improve your circulation, and boost your spirit.

* Exercise – you can skip while moving things from room to room, use bags or boxes ready to go out or other objects as weights, do leg lifts or marching while sorting; the possibilities are very long for getting healthy exercise while ordering your space. Tuning into how great your body feels when you give it just the right amount of exercise will help motivate you to continue both activities.

* Play – setting up games to challenge yourself while clearing out, such speed-clearing a surface and trying to beat you own record for clearing an area (but don't let this turn into pressure), setting up boxes to toss things into from wherever you are working (target practice is clearly only good with things that do not break – unless you want to break them J), guessing games for contents of piles

* Rewards –promising yourself a non-addictive treat such as a walk in the park or on the beach, a movie, or other pleasure after a good work session will keep your spirits up and give you something to work for

* Celebrations – every area cleared or organized deserves a celebration; give yourself recognition and praise for how much effort, discipline and persistence it took and how much better it makes your life going forward. Keep any punishing thoughts at bay by focusing on the future.

* Decorate – most people with clutter and hoarding issues are very creative people – directing that creativity towards making your space as gorgeous and harmonious as your means permit will both celebrate accomplishments and prevent relapses

And applying that creativity to finding more ways to build in exercise and have fun will help even more. Please share any ideas you have about how to make organizing fun and I will share them with everyone on the list (yes, a blog is on my to-do list).

And here is another bit of fun:

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