Managing Paper

There are several principles that can be used to help manage the paper in your life:

a.‘Dispose by ____’ for things like sales flyers (you probably do not need to actually write the date since they are usually already dated; but a mental marker or special tray or bin is needed so that you know to get rid of them after the sale is over (if the sales flyer is not for something you do not specifically and actually NEED, toss it immediately – why leave temptation lying around?)

b. Action – papers that need some response from you, such as paying a bill or making a call, should be listed on your daily planner (what, you don’t have one?! Sign up for my Time Management class at to learn the value and techniques of this critical resource), then put it in an appropriate tray or bin until you do the task required (if the task would take five minutes or less, it is a good idea to do it as soon as it comes in to save time later)

c. File – it helps to jot the title of the file that the document will go into across the top of it (ex., FINANCES {section; perhaps just indicated by the color of the marker used to write the name}, Bank Statements, or MEDICAL – Lab Reports). This way, if you are interrupted before you get the item into the file, you won’t have to rethink where it goes, and later, if you take the document out of the file, it will be easier to put it away (of course, if you never remove a document from the file, that is a pretty clear indicator that you do not need it).

PLEASE – I would love to hear your questions, adventures with applying these ideas, feedback about this issue, or requests for other topics.

©2010 Gloria Valoris

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©2010 Gloria Valoris