Moving Mountains – Planning Projects

When I was working, I used to specialize in doing projects that most people would consider impossible. Some of my favorites were:

I’m telling you all this not to brag but to share the secrets of how one can achieve the seemingly impossible with little time or money. The principles involved can be applied to any kind of project, large or small, whether it is clearing out your house, moving, starting a business, or writing a book.

So, what are the secrets that make tasks that seem enormous projects do-able and fun rather than unbearable? It all boils down to a few basics:

These are the ingredients that make projects possible. All project planning and accomplishments are really just elaborations on these keys. There are some other factors that are situation-dependent, such as communication and clarity if your project involves other people. Feedback from or participation of others may be helpful for many projects.

Comments or questions on the above material are not just welcome, but helpful. Requests or suggestions for other topics to be covered are also greatly valued.

© Gloria Valoris 2012

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