Creative Use Of Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets can do so much more than just hold files, altho clearly that is their primary use, and an indispensable one at that. Every home and office accumulates documents that are crucial to save in a location where they can be easily retrieved, and there simply is no better way to organize papers so that they will be safeguarded and easily used than a filing cabinet. But what else can you do with filing cabinets? I think other uses break out into three main categories - furnishings, construction elements, and alternative uses.

As furnishings, both lateral and vertical filing cabinets can be used in many ways:

As construction elements, filing cabinets lend themselves to a variety of creative approaches:

Assuming you have put away all your papers and are fortunate enough to still have cabinet space left over, or maybe the configuration of your space simply doesn't allow for not using file drawer otherwise, here are some ideas for good non-filing uses for file drawer space:

If you have a hard time imagining living with the cold steel industrial look of metal file cabinets, consider a wood cabinets. Many of these are really beautiful pieces of furniture, and are much more conducive in a home setting. If you cannot afford the price difference for a wooden file cabinet but need to locate your files in a room with high visibility, the eyesore effect can be mitigated by covering the file cabinet with wall coverings, fabric, contact paper, art works, special paint jobs, etc.

As discussed in the workshop, filing cabinets in all these different usages need to be secured to the wall or ceiling. We know there will be another major earthquake and these cabinets would be really dangerous if left unsecured. When file cabinets are used as supports, the top element should be screwed to the housing surrounding the cabinets as well as the wall, so that the two pieces both anchor each other.

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