Being Open to New Possibilities

While preparing to move, I was trying to figure out what to use to for a ‘home’ for my keys, wallet, change, etc. (currently a tray on a ledge just inside my door) in any potential new apartment. Most apartments would not have such an easy, built-in space for my tray. One potential solution using some existing shelves was scruffier-looking than desired. While puzzling over this I stopped in at Goodwill to look for a small ironing board. Instead, I found a tall, freestanding, wooden jewelry box that will be perfect. It's elegant, discrete, well organized, and even has a space underneath that solves another problem – where to put my small umbrellas. That it was also a big bargain was almost icing on the cake.

I decided years ago against buying more jewelry or jewelry boxes. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have given this object a second glance, but by encountering it at the right time, its usefulness was clear. I didn’t find an ironing board, but by being open to doing things differently, two puzzles were solved in a better manner than would otherwise have been possible. Plus, I will be able to eliminate all other jewelry boxes (and a lot of jewelry), streamlining my belongings further.

Many situations in life are like this – staying open to possibilities, not letting others’ or even our own rules, definitions, past, or expectations prevent seeing potential benefits or creating opportunities to make life better. Opportunity often comes in the form of an unwelcome situation or problem that nonetheless opens the door to growth. There is opportunity in most situations if we look with an open mind. Trying new things, solving problems, meeting challenges – stepping into new territory enables us to explore our own limits and go past them.

This is what a New Year is about – seeing things that are and discovering what they could be. The best discoveries are finding our own potential – for compassion, coping, grace, awareness, understanding, wisdom, humor, common sense, and many more talents we don’t know we have. I wish you all these attributes and, above all, joy for the coming year.


P.S. And then reality sets in… I tested putting my things in the jewelry box to see what adaptations would be needed…and surprise – it didn’t work as well as I thought it would. Rats! It will still be useful but not the way that I expected. Fortunately, I have figured out another way to solve this need. Part of being open also means acknowledging mistakes and finding better ways. And now an upcoming newsletter will be Making Mistakes and Redeeming Them.


© Gloria Valoris, 2015

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