Simple Systems to Manage Your Time, Things, Money, and Life

Statements from readers of this book:

“This book changes lives.”

“Made me realize how many opportunities I have for change.”

“I never knew solving my organizing headaches could be so easy.”

“The category framework for organizing my computer and paper files was great.”

“Having easy systems for managing my money has been hugely helpful.”
“Learning to set limits on my things and interests was a relief.”

“Knowing how to prioritize my time has made a crucial difference in my life. This advice is so practical.”

“Making handling the mail easy has made doing daily tasks much better.”

“The emphasis on applying what I learned right away kept me from just reading without doing.”

“Understanding the emotions that lead to procrastination has helped immensely.”

“The approach to making decisions opened up new possibilities.”

"I like the coding system for my planner. I'm finally starting to understand breaking tasks into small chunks."

"Distinguishing betwen daily tasks and maintenance and making a plan to create balance will be the most help for me."

"The chapter on procrastinating will change my life."